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One Piece X Royale Collaboration

Get the Poseidon with designs inspired by your favourite characters; Luffy, Law and Zoro
Free shipping and assembly with any chair purchased.

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Our Advantages

The best gaming chairs in the world. Designed & developed in the UK with the expertise and experience of Transcal. 30 years of experience in engineering, design & upholstery, our chairs are made to be aesthetically pleasing in any setting without any compromise on functionality.

Ergonomic Chair  Royale Chair
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Automotive-grade Excellence
4D Armrest

Adjust in 4 directions to achieve your preferred position; length, width, height & angle. Reduce your arm & wrist fatigue when you work & play.

Magnetic Neck & Lumbar Support

Royale has developed an inclusive product which caters to every body type. With endless adjustability to achieve the optimal ergonomics.

Automotive-grade Quality

Over 30 years of experience in the automotive & aviation upholstery. Enjoy worry-free comfort with our 5 years peel-free guarantee.

Ares Standing Desk

Magnetic Faux Nappa Desk Mats | Dual Motor Performance | In-built USBs & Drawers

Royale manufactures its upholstery to ISO9001:2015 standards. Ensuring a consistent & reliable product.

Designed & Developed in UK

Our products are designed to be aesthetically pleasing regardless of its setting. This is done without any compromise on its functionality.


Royale is the only gaming chair in the world which allows customers to fully customise your chair at the click of a button. Change the colours and even have your own logo embroidered.

Reviews & Features

"Luxurious yet ergonomically designed, the Royale Ergonomics Napa Leather Gaming Chair marries comfort and quality together to create a premium experience for anyone who wishes to indulge in a lavish seating experience."

Geek Culture

Customisable chairs managed through production in their very own factory. They manufacture the gaming chairs to BIFMA (furniture certification) and ISO standards (quality management and automotive).Their chairs are partly manufactured by them, they own and manage the factory that does the upholstery.Unlike other chair brands, they do not outsource the manufacturing, packing or assembly of the chair to a factory in China.

The Fun Empire

Another Singaporean company making waves in this space is Royale Ergonomics. They offer gaming chairs in a wide range of materials and colours, and include the option to customise your setup with names or even logos.

With her Royale Ergonomics Faux Leather, Sher Ren, who streams on Twitch as sherrng, particularly enjoys the comfort she gets during long periods of gaming of 5-8 hours a day.

The Smart Local
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